General Terms and Conditions of Use


The Internet website accessible at the URL (hereinafter referred to as “the Site,” “the service,” or “TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES”) is published by the company ADTHINK MEDIA, located at 79 Rue François Mermet, in Tassin, France.

These General Terms and Conditions constitute the contract binding TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES to any User registering for the service; these prevail over all other terms and conditions.

Article 1 – Definitions

The terms defined below will have the following meanings within these general terms and conditions:

« Forms »means an organized set of questions constituting a necessary prerequisite for the comparison of offers from insurance companies by the site and for their classification;;

« User » : person browsing the site and/or who uses the service.

Article 2 - Acceptance of the TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES general terms and conditions of use

The user can only benefit from the Site’s services subject to the acceptance of these general terms and conditions. These conditions of Sale being susceptible to modification at any moment and binding the User, it is therefore advised to consult them regularly. The user acknowledges receipt from ADTHINK MEDIA of all necessary information regarding the proposed services and agrees, without reservation, to these general terms and conditions..

Thus, the user acknowledges:

The user acknowledges and agrees that the acceptance of these terms and conditions does not require the signing of them and that any use of the Site whatsoever implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Article 3 - Purpose of the Service

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES offers internet users an information service regarding the rates and services offered by the main dating sites (hereinafter the “Dating Sites”) and allows them to compare them to each other according to the search criteria that each User specifies by answering submitted questionnaires or by simply generating a comparison chart in 1 click or more..

Article 4 - Use of the Service

In the case of a simple or detailed form, the information requested is mandatory and essential to the site TOP 5 Best Dating Sites to offer the most relevant offers. The user therefore agrees to complete the form by giving accurate and complete information.

The omission of information and/or the input of inaccurate information in the forms may result in the invalidity of the offers posted on the site: the offers are being made by the Dating Sites on the basis of information provided by the User, consequently, if the information is inaccurate, the displayed offer will no longer be valid or relevant for the User;

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES thus disclaims any liability, whatever its nature, as to the consequences related to the omission and/or inaccuracy of the information provided by the User, which the latter acknowledges and accepts.

The offers are presented on the Site based on the information provided by the Dating Sites and their partners at the time of publication. Despite all the care we take in collecting and updating the presented data, the information and results presented by the Site are susceptible to containing errors that do not in any way engage the liability of the Publisher.

Article 5 - Relationship of the Service with the referenced Dating Sites

The Dating Sites offering products and services accessible through TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES are companies independent of TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES. The fact that the Service publishes said products and services does not in itself constitute a recommendation to purchase any of the goods and services..

The User’s business relationship with these Dating Sites, or his or her participation in promotions organized by them, including the payment of services, or any other terms, conditions, warranties, or statements in connection with such transactions, is made directly between the User and the dating site offering those services, without TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES being held responsible for the provision of those services. The User acknowledges that as TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES does not control the websites of these Dating Sites, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot bear any liability with respect to the content, advertisements, products, services available on or from the internet sites of these Dating Sites, as well as the collection, dissemination, or any use made of the personal information collected by these Dating Sites..

Accordingly, the User acknowledges that TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from this relationship or more broadly from the presence of advertisers on the Service.

In addition, the User acknowledges that TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot be held liable for any proven or alleged damages or losses resulting from or in connection with the use or with the fact of having trusted the content, goods, or services available on these external sites or sources.

Article 6 - Liability of the Service

General Liability

The results returned by TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES depend on responses that are provided by the User under his or her exclusive responsibility, the Site is not able to control the veracity or the accuracy of the answers provided. In case of incorrect or inaccurate information on the part of the User, all or part of the service offered by the indicated site will be likely not to correspond to the User’s expectations.

In its role as a technical provider, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES does not have control over the content of the information, particularly pricing, transmitted by the Dating Sites; as a result, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES is not responsible for the content produced on the Site, and the offers offered on the Site can in no way be considered as firm, definitive, or binding for the applicable site. It is therefore the sole responsibility of the User to read the General and Special Terms and Conditions offered by the applicable dating site carefully, as well as the Pricing Conditions, which are the only binding documents with contractual value in the relationship with the chosen dating site.

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot exhaustively reference all existing Dating Sites nor their offers but a limited number of offers. The User therefore acknowledges and agrees that the Service is not intended to present in an exhaustive manner all of the dating services offered on the market, but only among a limited sampling of Dating Sites. Similarly, the User is informed that TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES in no way provides any advice as to the choice of a dating site: the User acknowledges that he or she remains in all circumstances the sole judge of the choice of the site and/or related services that he or she will choose. TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES is not designed to exonerate the User from doing his or her own research to form his or her own judgment regarding the services and pricing of the selected site.

The pricing conditions of the Dating Sites may change, which is why TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot assume any liability in case of discrepancy between the prices mentioned on the Site and the prices actually offered by the selected meeting site.

The Dating Sites referenced on TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES have no obligation towards the Site User: giving a favorable outcome to a request to open an account, for credit, or for a service is at their own discretion. Similarly, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES, having no obligation to advise nor any active role in the selection of the Dating Sites’ eligible members, in no way can its liability be sought in any respect whatsoever.

Technical liability

The connection to, use of, and participation in TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES imply for the User the complete knowledge and awareness of the limits of the Internet for all that concerns the technical aspects of data transfer, protection against viruses, and other constraints of the internet. More particularly, the Company cannot be held liable for any damage, material or immaterial, caused to participants, to their computer equipment and the data stored therein, or for the consequences that may arise with respect to their personal, professional, or commercial activities. Similarly, the Company cannot be held liable in the event that one or more Users are not able to connect to the Site or are not able to use the services due to any technical defects or any problem related in particular to the congestion of the network and/or to a failure of the User's computer equipment.

In the current state of information technology, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot be held liable in particular in the case of (non-exhaustive list):

In addition, the liability of TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES also cannot be engaged in the case of (non-exhaustive list): modification, suspension, cancellation, or postponement without notice or justification on its part, of one or more of the proposed services on the Site. In such a case, the liability of TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES cannot be engaged in any way as a result, and the Users cannot claim any compensation.

Hypertext links may refer to sites other than the Site TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES. The user is advised to be aware of the conditions of said other sites, the liability of the Company cannot be engaged in the case where the content of said other sites violates the legal and/or regulatory provisions in force.

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES is entitled to carry out any maintenance operations necessary for the proper functioning of the Service and commits itself, whenever possible, to limit the duration and to take action during the period in which the inconvenience will be the most limited for the Users. The User may not claim any compensation due to such operations.

Article 7 – Service Guarantee

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES agrees to implement reasonable means to fulfill the obligations incumbent upon it in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES is therefore held, with respect to the commitments contained herein, only to a best endeavors obligation concerning access to the service and its operation.

Except where this limit is prohibited by law, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES can in no way be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, particular, consequential, or incidental damages.

Article 8 - Collection of data of a personal nature

As part of its activity of providing Comparison service offer sites, TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES agrees to respect the applicable principles of and to take into account the rights granted to natural persons in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act, as amended.

The information collected is subject to personal data processing by TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES as part of your use of the offer comparison site. The user is informed that TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES, as data controller, implements personal data processing for the purpose of analyzing visits to comparison sites in order to improve the content offered on the basis of statistical analyses based on non-nominal technical data. In case of collection of personal information by questionnaire, for example in the context of your contact with our company, it is processed within the framework of the purpose brought to the attention of the user.

Since the Service is designed to facilitate the Users’ navigation and to propose comparative offers that may be of interest to them, cookies are used to improve and personalize the content. It is possible for the user to object to the registration of “cookies” by setting his or her Internet browser accordingly.

The collected data is kept for a period corresponding to the purposes of each collection. The data relating to management of personal applications are kept for the duration necessary for their management and, if necessary, for a possible additional period in the event of subsequent extended contracting to the duration necessary with respect to our legal obligations and the preservation of our rights, as well as sending information about our offers, if necessary.

To know your rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please consult the protection of personal data policy accessible on this site or access the Policy accessible on ADTHINK’s website at – under the heading Protection of Personal Data. All requests relating to the protection of personal data, your rights, and/or the processing we perform, to the application of the GDPR, the amended Data Protection Act, or the application of this Policy as well as any question related to data of a personal nature may be addressed, in writing or orally, at your choice, using the following contact information so that we can respond to it as soon as possible

By mail or email :
SA Service Protection des Données personnelles
route des acacias 24, 1227 Carouge GE, Switzerland
[email protected]

Article 9 - Intellectual property

The distinctive features of the company ADTHINK MEDIA and its partners, such as domain names, trademarks, names, as well as logos appearing on the site are protected by the Intellectual Property Code.

The contents of the site TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES, the general structure, as well as the source codes and objects, texts, images, and more generally all the other elements which make up the site are the exclusive property of the company ADTHINK MEDIA or third parties that have granted it a license. The same is true of the databases that make up the service: these are protected by the articles of the Intellectual Property Code.

The reproduction, disclosure, use, modification, or any other form of unauthorized and/or unlawful exploitation, directly or indirectly, by any similar or different medium, of the elements listed above, will involve the company in applicable legal actions on the part of ADTHINK MEDIA or on the part of affected third parties against the offender(s).

Article 10 – Conclusive Evidence

It is agreed between the User and TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES that only the data saved on TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES’ computer systems are conclusive evidence as to elements of contact and the information resulting from service-related computer processing.

Accordingly, it is expressly agreed that TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES will be able to rely, in particular in the event of litigation or dispute, on these elements for the purposes of proof of any act, fact, or omission in order to assert its rights in court. These different elements constitute admissible, valid, and actionable evidence between the parties whatever their form or presentation. In the event of a conflict between the data held by TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES and any other document, it is expressly agreed that said data will be binding between the parties.

Article 11 - General Provisions

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES reserves the right to transfer these terms and conditions to any company in the group to which it belongs, either to any company controlling it or controlled by it.

The fact that TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES may not have required the application of any clause of these General Terms and Conditions, whether permanently or temporarily, cannot be considered as a waiver on its part to invoke it.

Article 12 - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES, the site and these General Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the parties will endeavor as a matter of priority to make every effort to find an amicable solution. In the absence of amicable agreement between the mentioned parties, only the courts of the place of the registered office of TOP 5 BEST DATING SITES will be courts of competent jurisdiction, without any exception.

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